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APCO International

To Whom It May Concern,

APCO international is a private engineering and contracting company, representing some of the world’s most reputable manufacturers in the Mechanical and Electrical field of water works.

APCO international undertakes all aspects of works for integrated projects from initial technical study through project engineering and management; including design, tendering, planning, procurement, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance during the guarantee period until the final handing over to client. Engineering and sales of all kinds of pumps is our main specialisation.

We look forward to building and sustaining healthy mutually beneficial relationships with you in the near future.

Yours Sincerely,

Eng. Mohamed M. El Shomouty

About Us


- Legal form: Limited Liability Company

- Company Capital:Approved L.E. 5,000,000

: Invested L.E. 10,000,000

- Names of Technical Managers:

- Eng. Mohamed M. El-Shomouty – over 45 Years Experience.

- Eng. Wagih Ali – over 25 Years Experience.

- Eng. Rawi Ahmed – over 25 Years Experience.

- Eng. Amr Fares – over 18 Years Experience.

- Eng. Hesham Anter – over 10 Years Experience

- Mr. Karim Abu Hassan – over 4 Years Experience

- Eng. Mahy El Shomouty – over 4 years experience

- Names of Administration & Financial Managers:

- Acc. Moustafa Sadek – over 30 Years Experience.

- Acc. Mahmoud Ihab– over 25 Years Experience.

- Acc. Mohamed Kamal – over 10 Years Experience.

- Acc. Mohamed Hassan – over 4 years experience.

APCO International Ltd. Is an Egyptian firm specialising in engineering, contracting and commercial agencies in the mechanical and electrical field of water works. We have a mixture of different ages in our company; we believe that you cannot ignore the value of experience acquired over time and the energy of young blood – which we call the companies’ dynamo. Most of our managers and staff have been dealing with the Egyptian market since the 1970`s.

Our highly qualified, trained engineers and staff have wide exposure and experience gained through extensive work and studies, due to our time and history in the market. The team is made up of mainly mechanical and electrical engineers who are familiar with our customers needs and requirements due to their hands – on experience, not only in the Egyptian market, but the international market as well. Where as regarding the Finance, Accounting and Marketing departments; they are made up of specialised individuals in each field.

At APCO international we believe in specialisation, dedication and efficient communication – whether within the organisation between departments or externally with our clients or any entity we deal with such as our supply chain.

We also add “value engineering” to our work, meaning that we offer more than one option if possible, while specifying the equipment, materials or the work being done – by offering the most cost –effective yet suitable methods without effecting the productivity or efficiency required in the specific project.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing reliable, amicable, and professional service to our valuable clients, and to being supportive to local businesses and social activities, friendly to the environment as well as being proactive in the socio-economic environments within which we operate. We aim to create, grow and sustain mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and offer a unique after sales service.


Relationship management

APCO international upholds the fact that building long-term relationships with its clients and other stakeholders of the whole supply chain are of utmost importance, regardless of the magnitude or duration of any project. Efforts will be made to understand the business the client is in so as to constantly improve itself and innovate ways to work closely together for mutual benefits.

Quality and On – Time Products

At APCO international, we strongly believe in letting our deliverables do the talking. Riding on our close-knit network of related entities, we take pains in ensuring that our products meet the expected standards of our clients, not only in terms of quality but also in terms of delivery and after – sales service.

Specialization and dedication

APCO international has qualified engineering managers and staff who have a wide experience gained on many projects in over 30 years of experience. The team mainly mechanical and electrical engineers familiar with the customer needs in Egypt and can cope with such work and equipment in our fields of specialization


▪ To offer a unique service to our customers.

▪ To maintain healthy & beneficial relationships based on trust with our customers, by always offering what is best for them, at a profit; so that the objectives of both parties involved are met. We aim to do this by a mutual exchange and fulfilment of promises.

▪ To expand APCO internationals` client base with companies that are growing and developing as we look to the future not only to work with the biggest names in the industry but also to grow with tomorrows leading businesses.

▪ To prove that APCO international is a dynamic company that will continue changing in response to the shifts in the market and to pursue growth opportunities.

▪ To put effort towards being an environmentally friendly company seeing as we care about the environment, our planet and its future.

Our Clients

APCO international has built a reputation of quality. We enjoy the mutual trust and confidence with our clients as well as strong credibility and sound relations with several governmental entities in Egypt.

The firm has successfully completed over 20 major projects through Consistency; deliver on promises, openness and honesty across all our relationships. The satisfaction of our clients and the repeat business that we received from them reinforces our commitment to quality work. Our appreciation of our clients' interests evidenced by meeting their requirements and insuring high quality work, is the prime directive of our management.

APCO international clientele base comprises international, multinational as well as governmental, public and private entities. Our clients include:

▪ Mechanical and Electrical Department (MED) - Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.

▪ North Sinai Department Organization (NSDO) - Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.

▪ East Delta New Land Agricultural Services Project (EDASP) – Ministry of Agriculture & Land Reclamation.

▪ Arab Contractors (Osman Ahmed Osman)

▪ Hassan Allam Co.

Agencies / Products

APCO international is the sole agent of MWI corporation, based in Deerfield beach in Florida in the United States Of America.

The company also has the agency from another American firm – Mody Pumps, which is based in the United States, India and Holland.

MWI product mix:


The innovative, hydraulically-driven HydraFlo™ axial and mixed flow pumps are designed for a very long life. All components are picked for ruggedness and durability. Many of our Hydraflo™ pumps over 25 years old are still in daily use.

Mobile Hydraflo™

The Mobile Hydraflo™ pump is a unique variant of the standard Hydraflo™ water pump. It is a complete pump station on wheels that can be quickly moved to where it is needed and will be operational within minutes of arriving.

Submersible Electric™

Submersible electric™ pumps have an impeller directly connected to a water-proof electric motor. These pumps have multiple configurations - vertical, horizontal, or any angle in between, canned or enclosed.


MWI Couch Lineshaft™ axial and mixed flow pumps are a tried and true, dependable technology that will meet your needs for high-volume, low head pumping such as flood control, drainage, flood irrigation, water supply, aquaculture, amusement parks and other similar requirements.


The DuraFlo™ is the strongest, most rugged and reliable hydraulic-submersible trash pump on the market. These extra heavy-duty pumps are built with the muscle and strength to handle the most difficult pumping jobs. They are battle tested in rental and contractor operations for environments where pumps must perform - day and night - in mines, on job sites, in sewage bypass operations and in industrial applications.


MWI's rotary lobe pump, is a self-priming, valveless positive displacement pump - perfect for groundwater applications, including wellpoint de-watering. Available for purchase or rental, the Rotoflo™ is unrivalled in its ability to be repaired easily on-site.


MWI's PrimeRite™ is one tough pump. This automatic, dry-priming trash pump is the ideal choice for contractors, dewatering firms, sewage-bypass operations, mine or quarry operators, municipalities, and industrial operations. It is rugged. It is robust. It is reliable. It is inexpensive to operate, maintain and repair. The PrimeRite™ has proved itself as a money-maker in rental operations.

Silent Partner™

MWI introduces the newest addition to its lineup - The Silent Partner. Shown above is the high-performance, automatic-priming, run-dry PrimeRite™ pump with the specially designed, sound attenuation enclosure. These units are perfect for residential areas, near hospitals, government buildings or schools and wherever else quiet operations are required.


MWI's Solar PedalFlo™ is a patented, complete rural village water supply and treatment unit that is capable of delivering potable water to a rural village on a continuous basis. Primary power for the SolarPedalFlo™ are the solar panels, which operate the unit continuously under varying light intensities. Its secondary power is human power. At night, or on cloudy days, the Solar PedalFlo™ can be operated simply by pedaling.

Double Diaphragm™

The Double Diaphragm™ Pump is the newest addition to the MWI contractor dewatering pump line. The Double Diaphragm™ Pump is an incredibly versatile pump capable of working in numerous applications and industries. The stainless steel material of construction and ruggedness of the pump offer the greatest value and service life in the industry.

Mody Pump product mix:

MS Electric Submersible Pump – Mody Pump

MSP Series Electrical Submersible Pump – Mody Pump

Fields Of Specialisation

▪ Irrigation, drainage, booster water pumps, wastewater lift pump stations

▪ Water and wastewater treatment plants

▪ Renewable energy generations

▪ Agro – industrial projects

▪ Industrial pumps

Contact Us

2 El Mohawelat Street, Off El Ahram Street,

Giza, Egypt.

P.O. Box: 12555

Phone: (202) 35844403 - 37809750

Fax: (202) 35829850


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