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Solarpedalflo ™

The SolarPedalFlo™ lifts water from boreholes using a unique MWI Borehole Reciprocating Piston pump. Water is first pumped from the borehole through a filter. An optional control valve then directs the water into a non-corrosive pressure tank supplied with the SolarPedalFlo™, and then to an elevated tank in the village. An automatic chemical feeder is included to disinfect the water through an automatic chlorinator and filter. Multiple SolarPedalFlo™ units can be installed in a network to supply water to villages of any size.

Why Choose the MWI Solarpedalflo™?


The SolarPedalFlo™ can pump over 12,000 liters of water per day using the sun as its primary power source - virtually eliminating the need for manual pumping.

Effortless Collection of Water

Instead of manually pumping a handpump to fill a container, all the SolarPedalFlo™ requires is that you open the tap.

Storage Tank

The SolarPedalFlo™ comes with an 85 gallon, pressurized, internal storage tank that allows water to be stored for use on overcast days or at night.

Improves Quality of life

By providing adequate quantities of water for drinking, cooking and hygiene, The SolarPedalFlo™will improve people's quality of life wherever it is installed.

Best Economic Choice

The SolarPedalflo will outpump 4 handpumps. This allows small to medium size villages to save drilling 3 boreholes saving a significant amount of money. The SolarPedalFlo with its one borehole will cost less that 4 handpumps installed. And there will be enough money saved to invest in an overhead tank and stand along with several distribution points.

Rugged, Durable and Reliable

The SolarPedalFlo is designed and manufactured to provide years of reliable service with minimal down time. Spare parts are readily available from MWI in any part of the world.

For more information about the SolarPedalflo,click here.

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