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Hydraflo's™ Quick Installation and High Volume Pumping Dewater Flooded Island
MWI supplied eight 42'' and two 30'' pumps to dewater the flooding in the Upper Jones Tract levee break in California's Sacramento River Delta. the island's 12,153 acres of low-lying farmland flooded after June 3, 2004 levee break that washed away 400 feet of a levee along Middle River on the island's west side. Over 300 residents, farmers and farm workers were displaced from the flooding which was 18 feet deep in some areas. Restoring the island required the removal of over 100,000 acre-feet of water. Only MWI Hydraflo's were capable of being moved long distances, set up quickly and pumping the massive amounts of water necessary to end the flooding. Recovery workers created a 500,000 gallon-per-minute pump station in less than a week. To build a permanent pump station of the same capacity, especially if the pumps were manufactured to order would take 6 months to a year under emergency conditions.

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