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PrimeRite ™

MWI's PrimeRite™ is one tough pump. This automatic, dry-priming trash pump is the ideal choice for contractors, dewatering firms, sewage-bypass operations, mine or quarry operators, municipalities, and industrial operations. It is rugged. It is robust. It is reliable. It is inexpensive to operate, maintain and repair. The PrimeRite™ has proved itself as a moneymaker in rental operations. Our pumps are designed for the toughest applications and then tested extensively in the most demanding environment around. The PrimeRite™ primes and reprimes automatically using the pump or engine-mounted air compressor with a specially designed priming assembly which quickly draws water into the pump. Its oil-filled bearing box and oil-bathed mechanical seal means that it can run dry indefinitely. It will "snore" as it continues to draw water in when flows are intermittent. The open impeller is ideal for dealing with sewage and debris from construction sites with solids handling up to 3 1/8". The PrimeRite™ is the optimized blend of performance, reliability, ease of maintenance, low operational costs and initial cost. It will hit your "sweet spot" allowing the best possible ROI. Want the Best - buy from the Best.

Why Choose the MWI PrimeRite Pumps?

Optimized Design

Best combination of competing parameters integrated into the "sweet spot" package to provide satisfied customers and the best ROI. Our pumps are extensively tested and continually refined based on experience and feedback from customers.

MWI Name

We've been in the business for over 75 years due to a focus on designing and building great products, on pleasing customers and standing behind everything we make. If it says MWI you can be assured of a quality product and total support.

Optimized Design

Best combination of competing parameters integrated into the "sweet spot" package to provide satisfied customers and the best ROI. Our pumps are battle tested and continually refined based on feedback from customers.

Rugged, Reliable, Dependable

The number one requirement of our customers is a tough, dependable pump that will not require expensive service calls on job sites and cut into profit margins. That's what we deliver.

Affordable Spare Parts

Some companies sell low price products and then make their money on the back end with expensive spare parts. There are no games at MWI. We stock and sell spare parts that are reasonably priced.

Complete & Self Contained Units

Units have everything needed for operation: high performance pump, dependable diesel engine, controls, priming system, skid or portable frame with lifting bail, tie downs and integral fuel tank.

Special Extreme Hardness Impeller and Wearplates

Brinell hardness exceeding 558; resists abrasion from sand, slurries and other abrasive materials.

Primes and Reprimes Automatically

Priming system will pull water into the pump and then continue to reprime as needed. Will "snore" with intermittent flows. Runs Dry Indefinitely -Oil-filled, robust bearings and oil-bathed mechanical seals allow it to run dry with no damage. Turn it on and forget it until fuel or service time. Easily Passes Solids and Materials of various consistencies with its open impeller optimized for efficiency and solids-handling ability.


Available in sizes from 4" to 12", Ranges from 1320 GPM to 6500 GPM Adjust pump performance easily by changing engine speeds.

Sound Attenuated Units

Available for use in residential or other sensitive areas


Download PrimeRite CT004 PDF

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