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Hydraflo™ Pumps In Africa - Used to resolve Irrigation Problems
The Nigerian government spent two years constructing a conventional lineshaft pump station to supply irrigation for huge wheat and rice projects. During the construction an extremely low water level period occurred, causing the main canal water level to drop four feet lower than anticipated. This left the lineshaft pumps inoperable since they were in a fixed structure, thus preventing any pump adjustment to reach the new sump level. The government asked MWI to help irrigate 7,000 acres of already dying crops. MWI came to rescue with a plane load of pumps and drive units in record time. An emergency double stage 42'' pump was operational in a week to revive the crops. Within 90 days all of the pumps were manufactured, transported, installed and operating at the project site. The versatility, lack of civil works required, quick installation and portability of the Hydraflo™ were key factors in responding to this emergency.

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