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New Product Introduced: Flap Gates - 12-7-2012
MWI Egypt is proud to inform you that it has added a new product to its mix; Flap Gates For Discharge. Our Flap Gates are specifically designed for a variety of uses such as, flood control, irrigation systems, sewer and effluent outfalls. They can be used for different applications as well, waste water treatment plants, farm levees, irrigation canals, tidal drainage, municipal projects. Our design is very simple and requires no maintenance what so ever yet it is an extremely reliable product offered at a very competitive price. A few features and benefits are pointed below: 1- Fully customised design 2- Double hinged construction 3- Full pipe size 4- Minimum head loss 5- All fabricated steel 6- Positive Dual Lubrication 7- External Adjustment 8- Spool Piece Available

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